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Remove makeup quickly, easily and pleasantly! The “Demaskator” is a type of “soft” pillow made of microfibers that help wash makeup off with just water – no chemicals, no rough fibers. The “Demaskator” is hypoallergenic and perfect for delicate, sensitive skin.

The “Demaskator” is a reusable product, you just need to “wash” it with soap after each use. The product can be used about 200 times. However, its advantage is not only saving money, but also supporting the zero-waste trend, no more make-up wipes or cosmetic pads.

EXPERT (beige) “Demaskator”, i.e. more powerful with the addition of wheat fibers, suitable for ordinary and medium makeup.

How to use: Moisten the “Demaskator” with warm water, apply it to the skin for a few seconds. Wash your makeup with gentle, circular movements. After removing makeup, wash the “Demaskator” with a soap, rinse and hang to dry – it will be ready for work again soon!

INCI: Microfiber, Wheat Fiber


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